Why Work with an Independent Insurance Agent?

The Benefits of Using an Independent Insurance AgentWhen it comes to insurance, you’ll generally find two types of agents. One is the independent agent. The other is the single carrier agent.

Independent agents aren’t affiliated with one single insurance provider so they aren’t limited to the products one agency has to offer. Single carrier agents are committed to selling you the insurance their provider carries.

Here are a few reasons why the distinctions between the two matter to you.


Independent agents are loyal to the customer. You’re the person who they’re committed to helping. By getting you the best deal on insurance, they’re making you happy and taking care of themselves and their families in the process. It’s a win-win situation for you.

Single-carrier agents, on the other hand, must be loyal to the carrier above all else. They only have one product to offer. It’s either a good value for you or it isn’t, but they are going to try to sell it to you either way.


Have you ever gone to a McDonald’s for ice cream after leaving Baskin Robbins? That one-flavor soft-serve cone doesn’t quite hold a candle to the thirty-one flavors Baskin Robbins offers. Do you do your shopping at a grocery store that only carries one kind of bread or one flavor of soda?

Variety is the spice of life. That doesn’t really change when it comes to insurance. We all have different needs in insurance coverage. Some of us are safer drivers while others live a little more dangerously.

We all need insurance coverage at the end of the day, however, and need a carrier that can accommodate the various needs, circumstances, and abilities to pay for insurance coverage.


Who can offer you the most solutions to your insurance needs is a major difference between the two to consider. The single carrier agent sympathizes with your plight and your circumstances but can only offer you one option for insurance coverage. If that isn’t the right option for you, his or her hands are tied.

Working with an independent agent also gives you greater flexibility when choosing the plan that’s going to serve you best. Joe DiCesare is an independent agent you can rely on to answer the questions that are on your mind, give you solid advice on the coverage you need, and help you find a policy that keeps you covered while working within your budget. Give him a call today and see what he can set up for you.

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