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Motorcycle Insurance | Newburgh NYIf you’re a motorcycle owner, it’s worth your while to search for a separate motorcycle insurance policy instead of trying to add it on to your auto policy. Even though some of the jargon may sound the same as your auto policy, there are distinct differences between the two.

Types of Motorcycles

What type of motorcycle you have has a larger influence on how much you will be paying for motorcycle insurance than the type of car you drive has on car insurance. This is one of the biggest differences between the two types of insurance. The reason for this is that two-wheeled vehicles—whether it is a motorcycle or a moped—stand a greater chance than cars of getting into an accident on the road. Because there is a larger risk involved, the insurance company has to ensure they are covered when accidents occur. Accessories Another big difference between motorcycle insurance and car insurance is in the actual coverage. With regard to motorcycle insurance, you typically will also be insured for the kinds of accessories that you have. For instance, items such as your backrest and also your helmet will normally receive coverage under your insurance plan. This is markedly different with auto insurance, where you will not be covered for accessories on your car. So if you have a motorcycle, you have this incentive to wear items such as a helmet because that will affect your premium.


Motorcycle insurance is also cheaper than auto insurance, which makes sense when you consider that cars cost a lot more money than motorcycles. Cars cost tens of thousands of dollars, but the average motorcycle just costs less than $1000. As a result, if you total your car, you will probably have to pay thousands just to repair it. Of course, there are exceptions when it comes to high-end motorcycles, but on the whole, motorcycle insurance is a lot cheaper.

What it covers

Always check your motorcycle insurance policy to see what exactly is covered before paying your premium. Bodily injury to another person and property damage that was inadvertently caused as you rode your motorcycle are both covered, as is bodily injury that is caused to you by way of an accident involving and uninsured motorist. Any damage to your motorcycle is also covered in a plan; fire, theft, vandalism and other sorts of losses while your bike is in storage for the winter are also covered. Even things such as attached side cars received coverage under a plan, while custom motorcycle work like upgraded parts or paint are also covered. Insurance is important no matter what kind of vehicle you drive, but it takes on an added urgency when you operate a motorcycle. You are obviously at a greater risk of accidents and bodily harm than when you are driving a car, so purchasing motorcycle insurance is a must.

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