Calculating Driving Discounts with Snapshot

save on auto insurance with snapshotSafe driving now saves you even more on your car insurance. Thanks to Snapshot, people are reminded to pay better attention to their own actions as well as the actions of other drivers on the road.

Snapshot is an ingenious tool that places the costs of individual drivers’ insurance policies in their own hands. It translates to people changing their behavior on the road because they know their actions are being monitored. More importantly, it encourages them to pay attention to and avoid other hazards on the road.

Why are people driving with safety in the forefronts of their minds? They want lower insurance premiums.

Can Something so Simple Make Such a Big Difference?

The simple genius of snapshot is that people want lower auto insurance premiums. They want to pay less for auto insurance and, for the most part, are willing to take decisive action to get it.

Giving them Snapshot and letting them know that the rewards for positive driving habits are lower insurance rates gets them to slow down a little, stop for caution lights, keep an eye out for pedestrians and double check before backing up. It’s a good thing overall for all drivers on the road.

What are the Rewards of Snapshot?

The reward for being a safe and defensively-minded driver through the Snapshot program is a huge decrease in monthly insurance premiums — as much as thirty percent.

Of course, not everyone will quality for the substantial discount right away. Remember that this is a program designed to encourage safer driving. Not everyone is there yet.

If you take steps to minimize distractions (no applying mascara or catching up on last season’s episodes of your favorite television show during your morning commute), reduce aggression behind the wheel, and pay closer attention to the rules of the road, you may be able to qualify for bigger discounts over time.

How Does Snapshot Work?

It actually works quite fast. You drive around with the device plugged into your car and it wirelessly sends data to the Progressive office so that your safe driving can earn you a sizable discount on auto insurance.

Do you have questions about snapshot? Contact Joe DiCesare, who has been in the insurance industry since 1987, to get the answers you need. Give him a call today!

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