Avoid Roadside Assistance in Your Policy

roadside assistance and auto insuranceThere are all kinds of items and add-ons that look necessary when purchasing your insurance policy. The reality is that some of them will do more harm than good for you if you ever make a claim on them.

Why is Roadside Assistance Such a Bad Thing?

Truthfully speaking, it isn’t. In and of itself, roadside assistance is a smart thing to have. Just make sure you don’t roll it into your insurance coverage.

Why not? The price might seem right to bundle this little gem into your insurance policy but the first time you call for assistance due to running out of gas, blowing a tire, or locking your keys in the car, your insurance rates are likely to rise.

The bottom line is that you should not purchase roadside assistance in conjunction with your automobile insurance. It can lead to far too many problems down the road.

What Should You Do Instead?

The good news is that there are plenty of alternatives to insurance for getting roadside assistance. One of the best options is a company you know and love as AAA. It’s the most famous of national roadside assistance programs and one that is most widely respected among the general public.

Why is it Wise to Separate?

The main reason is that there should be a dividing line between the two. The insurance company doesn’t need to know you’ve hit road debris. Nor do they need to know how many times you’ve run out of gas. These things should not impact the cost of your insurance and yet, when you bundle them into your insurance, they have a profound impact on how much your monthly premiums cost.

If they are separate, however, you can call AAA every single day for roadside assistance of some sort and it will have zero impact on your auto insurance rates. That is the result you want from your roadside assistance program — assistance without any further complications.

If you have any questions about other types of add-on policies or about how they might impact your insurance costs, call Joe DiCesare. Joe has been selling insurance since 1987 and is the right man to help you sort the information out so you can get the insurance coverage you need at a price you can afford.

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