How To Know if You Need Rental Car Coverage

Why You Need Rental Car InsuranceRental car insurance coverage is an add-on policy that is often referred to as rental reimbursement or extended transportation. It also happens to be one of the most controversial policy choices among policyholders today.

The bottom line is that you really need to discuss with an independent insurance agent, such as Joe DiCesare, whether or not this is the right choice for your insurance needs, driving history, and/or lifestyle.

What Does Rental Car Coverage Offer?

For the most part, rental car coverage costs about $1 a week and covers the costs of a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired in the aftermath of an accident. The policy covers up to $30 per day for a maximum of 30 days of car rental.

It is possible, though, to get higher limits if you’re willing to pay extra for them. That’s a matter of preference and something you should discuss with your insurance agent before making your final decision. He can help you select the most budget friendly option to meet your transportation needs.

Benefits of Rental Car Coverage

It makes sense to explore the potential value of any add-on type of insurance policy verses the costs of the addition. The same holds true of rental car coverage. While many people will argue against this type of coverage, the fact remains that it provides a fair amount of peace of mind.

You get this peace of mind by knowing that you’ll be able to get back and forth to work and family commitments even if your car is out of commission for an extended period of time after an accident. You also won’t find yourself at the mercy of others for transportation or playing the “one car shuffle” with your spouse (or teen driver) during the process.

Considerations Regarding Rental Insurance

Many people believe this is an unnecessary type of insurance coverage. If you live in a larger city with adequate public transportation, have multiples cars, or can afford to go without transportation for days, weeks, or even months while yours is being repaired, then it isn’t the best choice for you.

On the other hand, people who live in areas that do not offer extensive public transportation and who need to be able to travel throughout the day for work or family responsibilities, then this will likely be the right choice for you.

Call Joe DiCesare today and let him discuss your options with you and help you come up with an auto insurance plan that’s custom-fit for the way you drive your car and live your life.

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