10 Useful Items to Keep in Your Glove Compartment

glove compartment necessitiesFor many people the car is like a home away from home, or an office away from the office. They keep everything in there so that they can accomplish a lot when on the move. By keeping your glove box organized you will be able to use the information when you need it and in an emergency.

Store these items inside a waterproof, ziploc plastic bag for the best protection against the elements.

Medical Information — If you have any type of medical condition that is important for anyone to know about, keep it in your glove box. This will help emergency personnel know how best to deal with you if you’re injured in an accident. Putting your living will or power of attorney in your glove box is also a good idea.

Contact Numbers — Keeping emergency contact numbers on paper inside your glove box is a good idea. While today we all have mobile phones that allow us to keep emergency numbers, what if the phone gets wet? It’s best to have important numbers on paper in the glove box.

Pen & Paper — A little pad of paper with a pen is a great thing to have access to in case of an accident so that you can make notes or share information with someone. You can also use it for other things like recording gas purchases to determine mileage. Pen and paper always come in handy but be careful about what type of pen you keep in your glove box; you want one that works in all weather conditions and won’t leak. You can also keep a pencil instead.

Proof of Insurance — Every state in the USA requires documentation, such as proof of insurance and registration. Some people caution against keeping the registration inside the glove compartment because your car might be stolen, so you can choose to keep that inside your wallet instead if you want. Definitely do not keep your title in your car.

Owner’s Manual — There will be a time when you need to find out how to turn something off or how to fix something. If you keep the owner’s manual nearby you will be able to look up how to turn off that irritating light or reset your mileage on a trip.

Flashlight — Keeping a flashlight and fresh batteries is an important factor in keeping people safe in the event of a sudden emergency. Check the batteries often to ensure they are working, so that the flashlight will be useful.

Hand Sanitizer — You never know when you’ll need to clean up inside your car. When you’re on a trip you often have to use facilities that aren’t the cleanest. Having the hand sanitizer can protect you and your family against these germs.

Snacks — Keeping snacks in your glove box could mean the difference between survival and death if you find yourself in a scary predicament like an unexpected blizzard, or wrecked in a ditch beside the road that no one can see. Choose snacks that are suitable for camping and that aren’t affected by extreme temperatures inside your vehicle.

Plastic Bags — You never know when you’ll need a plastic bag to dispose of something. Stuff a few inside a Ziploc bag for use to keep your car clean and dispose of items easily.

Lint Roller — Every business person should have a lint roller in their car, especially if you have pets. You won’t notice the pet hair or lint on your clothing at home; no, you’ll notice it once you’re in the car due to the outdoor lighting.

One additional item that might be a good idea is to store an extra pay-as-you-go cell phone or phone charger in a water poof bag inside the glove box. You never know when you might need another phone.

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