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Holiday Safety

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Here is a video the insurance companies put out about turkey frying gone wrong and the major disaster it could turn into. Please be careful if you this is your method of cooking the turkey is part of your holiday tradition.

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Insuring Your Teen Driver

Saturday, October 6th, 2012

teen driver | insuring teen driversBeing a teenager is seen by society and our culture as the stepping stone between childhood and adulthood; it is the practice ground, so to speak, for the responsibilities and hardships of real adulthood. One of the most valued ways that teens move ever so closer to adulthood is via getting their own car and learning responsibility that way. With this automatically comes the issue of whether a teen should get his own auto insurance or just be added on to his mom and dad’s policy. The parents of any teen will likely look to price as the determining factor in deciding whether or not to allow a teen to get his own policy or to stick with the parents’ policy.

Getting a Teen Insurance

First of all, the question arises of when a teen needs auto insurance. Parents might not know the following, yet in most states in the U.S., teens with a permit who are just learning to drive are instantly and automatically covered by the insurance of their parents, so long as they are under supervision while they are learning to drive, that is. In that way, this teen auto insurance is already in effect, but you must remember that this only extends to the time when a teen has a learner’s permit.